CNC Folding

CNC Folding

CNC Folding Process

B&P have a range of CNC folding equipment to support the diverse product mix supplied to our customer base.

The newest of B&P’s CNC Folding Brakes is the TruBend 5170. It combines innovative technology with precision,  providing outstanding productivity – at every stage of the process, from programming and tool setup – to the actual bending operation.trumpfs

Productivity and flexibility in batch production are enhanced with quick set up tooling using “Graphic Tooling Assistance” and with 6 CNC controlled backstop axes. The press is also suited to series production due to its quick beam and back gauge fingers.

cnc foldingQuality of folded parts comes from the use of 4-cylinder drive technology, reduced beam sag and increased edge clearance for bending. The CNC Folding control crowning system produces precise bending results.