Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Powder Coating Booth

Onsite 5 Stage Pre-Treatment & Powder Coating

B&P Fabrications aims to provide a “one stop shop” for it’s customers from design to finished part. To that end we have a dedicated Powder Coating Process onsite.

The plant is specifically designed for B&P and uses the latest in powder coating technology to provide real time process control.

The five stage phosphate pre-treatment plant, cleans and prepares parts to feed the “roll on, roll off” paint booths. The electrostatic spray system within the paint booths – is a mixture of automated and manual powder painting , depending on part geometry and complexity.

Powder Coating LeicesterThe cure process is controlled – real time via 16 temperature probes within the cure oven. This provides consistent part quality and aesthetics for our customer base.

Process control is monitored on a daily basis to meet exacting customer standards & specifications.

To see our Pre-Treatment and Powder Coating in action, click here.