Sheet Metal Fabrication New Product Introduction

B&P Fabrications strive to move from – initial customer enquiry to sample supply with full visibility at each stage, in the shortest time possible.

The Technical Sales dept make full use of CAD/CAM systems throughout all quotation activity. Working to review new enquiries as part of a cross-functional team.

B&P Fabrications use Autodesk Inventor to make cost-effective decisions with respect to sheet metal fabrication. The Radan CAD/CAM package produces highly accurate “nests” to maximise material utilisation – allowing B&P to offer best cost – first time.

As part of the NPI process, B&P Fabrications try to engage with customers as early as possible in the design & development of a new part. B&P feedback regularly leads to tangible total cost benefits to new and existing customers.

During the NPI process,  all initial sample orders are held within a sample-specific code in our systems to push all demand via the Quality team. The Quality team will complete all required documentation including PPAP & ISIR to accompany our sample supply.